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How We Help Others in Our Community

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Myanmar has started its political reforms from 2011 onwards and consequently, its economy and other sectors have gradually improved after decades of isolation and sanctions. Foreign companies have been continuously entering this niche market and it has been reported internationally that Myanmar has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. More and more job opportunities have emerged for local people, however, there are still concerns because of the lack of skillful workers in the country and the opportunities for people from rural areas are questionable.

There are limitations in the infrastructure of a developing country and the gap between the population of rural and civilized areas is huge. In Myanmar with over half the population in rural areas, the country is essentially wasting its human capital resource. The reasons why people from the countryside are not getting a proper education is clear. In order to have sustainable growth of a nation, we also need to provide effective educational development programs to the rural areas of Myanmar so that they can be a part of the country’s development and their communities can prosper.