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Temporary Staffing Service

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Temporary Staffing Service 

All companies may sometimes need and can benefit from, a source of reliable temporary staff. Individuals or teams can be supplied at short notice. They remain our employees and are assigned temporarily to your company to meet your specific needs. Timescales and work duration are usually short with an all-inclusive day rate.

For longer assignments contract workers are assigned to your named tasks and or projects, usually for a defined period of time, also with an agreed all-inclusive day pay rate.

With both these solutions, we will have completed thorough personnel screening to make sure the individuals selected are best suited to support your needs with minimal training and instruction. 

Temporary staffing is a globally growing form of work as it provides candidates with greater flexibility, work experience, more variety of work, and exposure to new corporate environments and projects.  This has the result of fast-tracking their own career as they absorb far quicker due to exposure to more projects – leading to them to be a highly rated resource. They win as they see career advancement, increased skills, training, and responsibility; you win as you have staff available when you need them. And most likely, we will have people available who are able to start immediately. 

"For both solutions, temporary or contract staff,

you state the duration of the worker being at your location."

Why use contract staff?

We pride ourselves in providing guidance to both client company and contract staff to maximize the working rapport from day one. We guide you on company internal communications so all are correctly informed, contract staff and existing staff. 

  • With this service, you can increase or reduce headcount easily and quickly.

  • Contractors have experience working with multiple industries and sectors.

  • We provide you with a shortlist of screened suitable candidates.

Most company managers find they can hire contract staff without new central budget approvals and avoid permanent headcount rules. You control when the contract staffer starts and finishes. 

Why use temporary staff?

When you have short term requirements, perhaps due to staff illness, seasonal peaks, holidays, then a temporary worker can provide the help you need. Existing staff are aware there is no threat to their roles as a temporary worker is a long-established work pattern in many countries. 

  • Easy acceptance of extra people, by existing staff.

  • No extra HR and payroll paperwork to complete.

  • No need to budget for holidays and social charges.

  • No long duration staff selection and interview processes.

  • Immediate solutions.

Proven, tested, enthusiastic and motivated people.

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