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Why Choose MyWorld

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For a candidate, making the right career choice can be a huge challenge. Many questions can arise.  For example, which industry to choose or size of company, salary, position, and responsibilities? The choice can be overwhelming. Friends and families are usually not qualified to provide informed answers.

Collectively, MyWorld reviews over 300 CVs every day.  Having observed thousands of candidate’s career choices, our consultants are able to provide advice based on their very extensive market knowledge and experience. When growing your career, the wrong choice can really affect your future, so it is important to rely on experience.

No other agency in Myanmar, or in the world, has this level of market knowledge or professional experience in recruitment in the Myanmar market. Our top clients come from a wide range of sectors and range from small start-ups to large conglomerates. This adds to the validity and breadth of our market knowledge, allowing us to partner with you throughout your career, to help you grow and achieve your goals and dreams.

Our advice covers; how to write a resume, preparation for interviews, supporting you with advice on how to negotiate job offers, through to how to resign professionally from your current employer. The MyWorld teams are fully trained by global industry experts so that they can give you all the advice you require.

To apply to some of our current vacancies click Job Search, or feel free to send your CV to support@myworld.com.mm.


Every company we talk to says that finding the right talent, and retaining good talent, are the biggest challenges in business in Myanmar. Myanmar has the largest shortage of talent in Asia, if not the world. Therefore, as a company, finding qualified candidates on your own is increasingly more challenging and could mean that you run the risk of not recruiting the best candidate for the position.

By partnering with MyWorld, Myanmar’s largest staffing & recruitment agency, you are partnering with the industry leader and the only agency following global industry best practices. Our consultants receive on-going recruitment training to ensure they are the best in the market to find the best candidates for our clients.

By offering a full range of recruitment services, MyWorld is the only staffing & recruitment agency in Myanmar that can handle all your staffing needs. For more detail on our services, click on the buttons below.

Executive Search     Contract and Outsourced Staffing Solutions     

Payroll      Contingency Search     RPO

We work with the majority of the best global and local companies in Myanmar and also support many companies who do not have entities in Myanmar, yet still require staffing solutions. If you are entering into the Myanmar market, or are already here and struggling to find the right talent, reach out to us immediately at sales@myworld.com.mm.