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Resume and Cover Letter

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Remember that the resume is the first thing most clients see so it needs to have a positive impact. It is also important to note most employers will only spend 10 to 15 seconds on your resume before deciding if you are worth reading or disregarding.

They will look at the first few bullet points, current and previous employers and job titles. If nothing grabs their interest, they will move onto the next candidate. Take a look at our template below as a guide and follow these simple steps.

MyWorld Careers - Resume Template.docx

Career Summary

Start your resume with a Career Summary outlining 5 to 8 key points that summarize your core job skills, number of years of experience, industry experience, key IT skills, major achievement, and people management experience.

Career History

  • Give a brief company description.

  • Separate your Responsibilities and Achievements clearly with headings.

  • Only use bullet points and don’t use long sentences or paragraphs.

  • Don’t use I, my, we in the Responsibilities.


List out your major education like University as well as any courses and certification that are suitable for the roles you will be applying to. Quantity is not important here, but Quality is.


List your professional IT skills. Examples are Excel, Access, SAP, Oracle, ERP, WMS, Dynamics, Powerpoint, Photoshop. Avoid listing email, internet, Mac, Windows.


References are a valuable source of information about you, choose them wisely and get their permission to include in your resume. Put their Name, Company and Title on the resume. If an employer needs to contact them, they will ask you for the phone number and email.

Take a look at some of our resume template to help you decide how best to write your resume.

MyWorld Resume Sample.docx
Size: 32.6 KB

Cover Letter

Only about 50% of recipients will read a cover letter, however, they are still important to make sure you write a good one.

I will start with the Don’ts as they are the most important to cover.


  • Addressing it to someone if you don’t know the actual name. e.g. To whom it may concern.

  • Introducing yourself, they already know this.

  • Repeating your resume.

  • Making it long. People will only glance at this if they see a very long cover letter they won’t read it.


  • Keeping it short, we cannot stress how important this is. Limit it to 3 paragraphs at most.

  • Ideally using bullet points to highlight specific points that make you suitable for this role.

  • Giving a quick overview of your career that relates to the role you are applying to.

  • Closing with information about your personality and strengths.

See our example for further ideas.

MyWorld Cover Letter Template.docx
Size: 84.5 KB