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Behind the scenes of Talent Acquisition

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21 Nov 00:00 by Mike Htun


I am going to take 5 minutes of your time here to share you my experience, and the general design of the daily activities of Talent Acquisition (TA) in the Myanmar Human Resource industry in this blog. Two schools of thoughts: is it important and are all the talent acquisition practices the same in our industry? Frankly speaking, one of the reasons is, if you can’t attract talent, you will be in a business without any growth. Because as an employee, our work is a part of our daily life, and no one will ever be in a workplace when there are a poor HR practices and talent acquisition design. In the past, HR used to look to fill open positions, now TA is more strategic and proactive. Competition in finding talents in the market is fierce. For any organizations, the right talent is always a critical factor in achieving the company’s success. There is no exact formula in any hiring strategies and TA always needs to keep up with innovations, and technology trends.

Below is the general design of TA professionals including companies, recruitment agencies and HR consulting firms.

1.Proactive and strategic discussion with hiring manager

TA owns the whole hiring process. Before opening a search, TA meets with the hiring manager to find out the overview of the role, the ideal preferences, skills, and requirements which can help TA to have a rough picture of the profile.

2.Reaching out to the talents (daily connecting practices)

Not only actively connecting with talents when a specific role come up, but also connecting with the talents when there is no vacancy makes it much easier and is an advantage that the TA already has the connections and profiles that are ready when there is a vacancy. We call it “the passive hunting”.

3.Assessment and selection of the assigned hiring projects

The most difficult part is to access the talents for the specific job without any bias and having a fair judgement. There is most likely not the perfect talent that matches, 100% to the job, but a TA needs to be able to assess a similar profile or someone who could step-up level to develop their skills and career growth in the role. There are other key factors in assessing the talents such as industry background, character, experience, etc.

4.Negotiations - Final step on attracting the talent

Anything can happen in the final stage. That’s where the TA takes over and they know the talent personality, how to persuade and do the pre-closing, as well as handle negotiations with the hiring manager to finalize the hiring process.

Experienced recruiters have the skills, industry knowledge, technology, and relationships necessary to engage with the top-tier talents for every job search. By partnering with a recruitment agency or an outsourcing firm, you could help your company have peak performance in recruitment through extending range of talent sources, timesaving, and many other reasons.