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8 Year Anniversary

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From 8 Years to Infinity, We Celebrate Excellence!

Dear Valued Partners, Clients, and Friends,

As we celebrate our 8th anniversary at MyWorld, we are thrilled to reflect on the incredible journey that brought us here. Just a year ago, we were celebrating seven years of progress, growth, and excellence. Today, we stand even stronger and more determined to continue setting new standards in the recruitment industry.

In 2015, we embarked on a mission to create the best recruitment company Myanmar had ever seen. It gives us immense pride to affirm that we achieved that goal swiftly, thanks to the unwavering commitment of our exceptional team. But at MyWorld, we have a word we live by - "Best." We are driven to be the best at everything we do, constantly pushing the boundaries of excellence.

Our journey of excellence is built upon the strong foundation of our dedicated local team of business professionals. Together, we have forged the industry's finest internal training program, enabling our staff to become the best in their respective sectors. MyWorld is proud to consistently boast the highest-performing recruiters in Myanmar and now in the region.

Since 2021, we have expanded our footprint, venturing into Cambodia. With the outstanding performance of our internal marketing team, we have achieved remarkable brand awareness, surpassing many of our competitors in record time. But this is just the beginning; our presence now extends to Laos, and we are supporting clients in Singapore, the Philippines, and beyond, as we aspire to be the best in the region.

Our commitment to delivering the best customer service and quality has earned us rave reviews from clients in the region. These testimonials provide us with the confidence that our processes and systems are equally effective in more developed markets, reinforcing our belief in continued success.

One of our proudest achievements is providing our staff with opportunities to grow on an international scale. As we expand our market presence, we will continue to nurture our talented team and transfer them to our international offices, allowing them to flourish in their careers.

Looking back on our journey since 2015, it's astonishing to see how far MyWorld has come. We have faced significant challenges, but our unwavering commitment to excellence has consistently delivered remarkable results.

 As we celebrate our 8th anniversary, I couldn't be prouder of the MyWorld team. They are the driving force behind our success, and I am grateful to be celebrating this milestone with them.

 Thank you for being part of our journey, and we look forward to many more years of excellence together.



Simon Bruce