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5 Year Anniversary

MyWorld Careers
MyWorld - 5 Year Anniversary

​I came to Myanmar in 2015 with the idea to create a world class recruitment company. Leveraging the experience myself and my partners have had in markets across Asia, we saw a great chance to make a difference. We approached this by always making sure that we would be the Best at everything we do and have adopted the word Best in all our internal branding. Fortunately and unfortunately the reputation of recruitment companies in Myanmar in 2015 was not very good. This was largely because most of them were operating without any exposure to international practices and an understanding of the quality expected by international organizations. This created a lot of challenges, but also helped us quickly stand out from the crowd and be recognized as no. 1 in the market within a short time of launching the business.

By ensuring that we had strong internal processes and systems, leveraging the latest technology in the recruitment industry and making sure we gave our customers the Best Customer Service, we were able to create a really strong foundation to the business and grow to an organization of almost 70 people making us the largest in Myanmar. This included opening up a branch in Mandalay and launching a Payroll & Outsourced Staffing business. We have been lucky to partner with many international and local companies that have seen great results by hiring candidates introduced by us. In addition, most of the large international companies that have entered Myanmar since around 2017 have used MyWorld exclusively to hire their foundation team and then continued to partner with us in the years to follow. This was most apparent in 2019 when 5 international insurance companies entered Myanmar. MyWorld was lucky to be selected by all 5 of them as their main recruitment partner and helped many candidates get the great opportunity of entering these top global companies in a new industry for Myanmar.

We have also been able to create an organization that is famous for its work culture and developing young talent in the market. Our staff are some of the best in the country and many that have moved on are now in great roles at great organizations. Ensuring a strong work culture of accountability, hard work, team work and of course fun has helped us achieve great things and I am thankful to be blessed with such an amazing group of people.

Although the journey hasn't always been easy, and obviously 2020 is the test of all tests for most organizations around the world, starting MyWorld has been the most exciting part of my life. I am truly lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing group of people and help some sensational companies and candidates as we all aspire to improve the Myanmar economy and the way of life of the Myanmar people.